A Beginner’s Guide to Airport Facility Management

Becoming a part of the facility management industry requires a great deal of expertise and experience in the field. Moreover, if you become part of an airport facility management, you will be facing more challenges because of how highly specialized the operations and the tasks will be. If you are planning to become part of this industry, here is what you need to know about it as a beginner.

• What are the tasks involved in airport facility management?
There are still not a lot of companies that offer airport facility management services at general and commercial aviation airport levels. However, these companies require the people who work with them to do a specified and predefined set of tasks. They usually involve field equipment management, asset management, contract labor provision, and air traffic service management. These companies also facilitate the movement of cargo, baggage, and passengers. They can even include facility operations such as sanitation, catering, and landscaping that are all required in airport facilities like terminals as well as core airport infrastructures. Though some airport facility management companies work under the direct supervision of airport sponsors, there are some that are directly hired by the asset owners such as their commercial carriers, airport tenants, and so on.

• Why is there a need for specialization?
The tasks just mentioned above entails that the person must have some particular expertise in the field of aviation. As a matter of fact, companies who are only involved in general facility management in various industries do not have what it takes to do the necessary work required in the field of aviation with the likes of their permits, licenses, and experience. If you wish to become part of an airport facility management team, you have to undergo the necessary airport management related training and be knowledgeable about particular airport security and safety measures. Not all general facility management companies that you see are capable of providing airport facility management services. However, there are some that can provide a wide range of these services as well as those involved in other areas.


• Needing some assistance
If you look at airport facility management companies, they come with their own responsibilities and capabilities all depending on the nature of the contract. One company might only handle passenger and baggage movement while one company might only handle airport terminal management. On the other hand, there are some companies that can do all of these services. If you are an owner of an airport facility, you may get in touch with any of these airport facility management companies to seek their services and if they meet your requirements. These companies often provide you their services proposal that are all based on the ideals of transparent reporting, innovation, cost reduction, and efficiency. The airport facility management company that you choose must also be able to enhance your asset and brand value at optimum levels. Also, the airport facility management company must be able to provide you with a wide range of capabilities and experience to the table. If possible, they should be able to give you some references of their past operations.

Post Author: Arthur Hale