All-time Limousine Etiquette Rules to Live By

Riding a limousine is one of the most luxurious things that you can do in your life wherever you are headed. As a matter of fact, if you are going to arrive in style at any event, riding a limousine is surely one of the most effective things that you can do. Though the whole purpose of riding a limo is having fun while riding, there are still some limousine etiquette rules that you must live by. For starters, always treat the driver with utmost respect. You can read here for more limousine etiquette rules to remember.

1. Count the number of guests
When planning to arrive in style using a limo, be sure to determine the exact number of passengers that will ride along with you. Make sure to relay this information to the limo rental service. If in case there will be an additional one or two more passengers joining the group at a later time, you must still inform the company about this. By giving them these numbers, they will be able to provide the most fitting limo service for you.

2. Politely ask the drive to open the limo door for you
Though this is expected, you must still ask the driver to have the limo door opened for you. This lets you avoid some last-minute accidents. Be sure to find an empty seat and sit there. The moment you get in, immediately find the right passenger spot for yourself. This well help the other passengers choose their seats much better as well.

3. Avoid fights
The primary reason for hiring a limo service is to drink and party the night away. However, it is never a good idea to drink lots of alcohol and start fights with other passengers inside. Not only is this unnecessary but also engaging in fights can be dangerous. This is always against basic limo etiquette rules. Thus, better keep your calm and make the most of your ride. Besides, you paid for limo services to enjoy and ride in style and not to fight with your friends.

4. Learn and understand rules
Most car services never allow smoking inside of their vehicles. Thus, you have to be sure to follow this rule at all times. If you are going to be bringing some alcohol with you inside, be sure to have a talk with the manager. Additionally, never take advantage of the driver no matter the reason. They are just doing their job and must feel secure as well doing their job.

5. Never fill the limo with trash
After riding the service, it is limo etiquette to leave the limo in the same condition as you rode in it a couple of hours ago. It must be absent of any cans, wrappers, or bottles. Throwing some food or other things at the other passengers is a bade idea. Keep your shoes off the seats. Before you leave, make sure to bring all of the stuff you have brought with you. There are some limo rental services that will be charging their passengers if there is still a lot of mess inside of the car.


6. Always tip the driver
General etiquette dictates that drivers must be tipped as well. Give them 15% of the limo rental fee. In case you will be hiring one for a special event, you should be giving them 20%.

Post Author: Arthur Hale