Camping Tent Through the Years

Not a lot of people are comfortable being away from home and leaving behind the comforts that they are used to sleeping in, more so if the person will be exchanging their comfortable beds with a harder ground under the stars and outdoors. Fighting off insects and cooking your food using smoky fire are also quite a challenge and something that not a lot of people are comfortable doing. However, there are some people who find the whole idea of camping to be very enticing. And this is one of the reasons why until this day, there are a lot of people who prefer to go on camping trips.

What better way to appreciate camping than to catch a glimpse of how the camping tent has come about. This short article will take you through the years of the camping tent and why it has become what it is today.

Before becoming a favorite pastime among individuals, camping was considered a way of life. And there is no better way to go camping than to use a camping tent.

The camping tent was designed in the year 1855 by the U.S. Army. Its design was based on the bell tent that Native American teepees looked like. However, rather than using buffalo hide materials, camping tents used canvas. By the year 1911, when the first Boy Scout Handbook came out, there were now 10 different kinds of tents that are being shown.

In the year 1945 after WWII, the post-war economy has boomed. During those years, Americans began going to their favorite Army surplus stores and camping retailers to get hold of various styles of tents just so they can better enjoy what the outdoors and nature offer.

The first freestanding tent that was very easy to set up was first designed during the year 1959. It was made of wooden poles. By 1960, these wooden poles were then replaced by metal poles that were more lightweight. In the ‘70s, tents that can be stored in backpacks were a hit and in just 10 years, this kind of tent has sold more or less a million units.

The so-called truck tent was then developed in the year 1990. Its design was intended to be pitched at the back of the bed of a pickup truck. In the present, these tents have become more improved and have made camping in them more comfortable and much easier. Thanks to technology, the overall camping experience using truck tents is very much satisfactory where about 3.2 million Americans have come to enjoy tent camping as a favorite past time worth remembering.


Just by looking at these camp tent developments over the years, you can say that camping has really come a long way. If you are thinking of enjoying the outdoors, you should never forget picking out the most fitting camp tent for you. You definitely have a number of options of them. What is most important is you choose one that you will not have a hard time setting up and can just be comfortable bringing with you anywhere you go. Be sure to also choose brands that are highly reliable and there is no doubt that you camping trip will be made more memorable than ever.

Post Author: Arthur Hale