Everything You Need to Know and More About Pet-friendly Motels

Do you love to travel but always feel guilty after when you know that you have left your beloved pet behind to a loved one or someone you trust? Are you thinking of bringing along your pet with you starting now for all of your travel engagements? Fortunately for you and your pet, there are now motels and other accommodations that allow checking in of pets. If you have not tried checking into these motels with your pets when traveling, here is everything you need to know and more about them.

• The place your pet stays in
Most motels that are pet-friendly have some small cages provided for your pet for them to have a place to stay. If you have trained your dogs to get used to crates, then they will not have a hard time living in this kind of motel with such a set-up. However, if your dog is not crate-trained, he may end up getting anxious by not being used to this new place for them. Before you finalize booking into this kind of motel, be sure to take the time to tour their facility and assess it if it is well-organized, odorless, and neat.

If you are no fan of letting your pet sty inside small cages, then you must find another pet-friendly accommodation that provides a more upscale option of boarding for your pet. These facilities often come with a small room with some dog beds and toys to ensure that your pet still feels as if they ae still at home. When your dog suffers from arthritis, check with the place if they have a large enough room to allow your dog to walk around it.

• Dog walking
A great majority of pet-friendly motels will just let you walk your dogs at least twice in one day with just a few minutes each. If your dog is used to walking as their form of exercise, make sure that you ascertain with the motel the number of times they will let you walk your dog before booking them. When dog walking times are limited, you can then ask if the motel has a fenced area that will allow your dog to roam a bit more.

• Eating
Thought most pet-friendly motels will serve your pet with cooked pet food, the kind of food that they might give your dog might not be something that your dog is used to eating. Owing to the fact that your dog might get stressed out and be vomiting and having diarrhea in return if you change their diet abruptly, it would be better for you to bring your dog’s own pet food with you.

Take note that most pets do not eat as much of their food when you are traveling in another place unfamiliar to them. That being said, always have some healthy food for them with you that will make them feel to be consuming much more palatable motel food. So that your dog is kept protected from motel food, be sure to inform the motel ahead of time what food your pet can and cannot eat.


• What happens when your pet gets sick
Pets also get sick just like humans. What is great about pet-friendly motels is that they make sure to keep regular tabs of your pet’s health. However, when it comes to the veterinary bills if your pet gest sick, do know that you will be the one to be shouldering the expenses accordingly.

Post Author: Arthur Hale