Experience All the Best Things Los Angeles Has to Offer for Free

Being home to Hollywood and the largest West Coast city, for some people, Los Angeles might only be for the rich. However, never be deceived by this notion. If you are planning to visit the City of Angels, you should know that there are actually a number of activities that you can do in this city for free. Below is a list of some of the best things that you can do in Los Angeles for free.

1. Rodeo Drive
This is basically a very popular shopping district in Los Angeles that offers only the most exclusive and exotic boutiques and brands the world has ever known. Rodeo Drive was made popular by the film Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts was the lead actress. Ever since the film was released, a lot of people came to visit this place with the hopes of catching a glimpse of their favorite celebrities and even go window shopping. Most average people rarely visit this place to shop, and most store owners are already well aware about this fact and are already used to both old and new tourists alike.

2. Griffith Observatory
If you want to have an amazing view of the city and its nearby locations, make sure to check out Griffith Observatory that is just located on the south of Mount Hollywood. Though you will be spending a lot of your money if you decide to watch their infamous planetarium shows, you will be enjoying their biking and hiking trails for free with their photogenic urban parks. Some other attractions that you can try exploring include their museum with unique exhibits, the popular Hollywood sign, and their botanical gardens and zoo.

3. Venice Beach
When you want to experience Los Angeles for free, make sure to not miss out on exploring Venice Beach. Though the beach is inspired by Italy’s famous city, Venice, this particular beach has acquired its own Californian distinction. Lots of tourists make sure to check this place out not just for sunbathing and exploring its boardwalk but also to look at all the eclectic and funky characters the place has to offer.

4. Santa Monica
Santa Monica is undeniably one of the most iconic beaches in the US and for good reason. If you visit this place, you get to do a lot of activities that you just never get to have all in one place in other famous destinations. In addition, you get a glimpse of some of the most stunning nightlife, street performers, and soft sandy beaches all in one place. Do not forget to also check out their famous Ferris wheel and pier.

5. Getty Center
In the whole of America, the Getty Center is one of the most popular architectural sites there are. This center is the place to check some of the best artworks being offered all across the world. You get to see the most thought-provoking masterpieces the world has ever known from its Renaissance artworks to its Baroque sculptures. Getting a great view of the city is even additional bonus.

6. Hollywood Walk of Fame
Of course, no Los Angeles visit is ever complete without visiting the kind of atmosphere their Hollywood Walk of Fame offers. This place is rated as one of the best things to do in Los Angeles for free consistently to check out all the famous celebrities and stars of Hollywood. You might also want to check out the TCL Chinese Theater where very popular Hollywood movie stars have their signatures and hand prints there.

Post Author: Arthur Hale