Make Every Minute of Your Staycation Count

Are you planning to limit your spending come this summer? Right now, forget going on luxurious out-of-town vacations for the meantime and go with cheerful and less expensive staycations. As long as you put some effort in planning your staycation, there is no doubt that you can make every minute of your alternative summer vacation plan count. Lessen you daily menial activities and schedule a number of exciting activities and enjoy this summer like any other summer you had in the past.

• Forget the routine
If you go on a staycation, consider your work in the same manner as you consider it when you spend your summer vacation outside of the country. Having a hard time forgetting being the on-call employee or boss that you are? You can still receive calls while on staycation, just make sure that it is limited to emergency calls. If you still receive calls that are not emergent in nature, you are not having a properly spent vacation.

When you have some household chores that need doing, be sure to take care of them after or before your so-called staycation. A relaxing vacation never includes any grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry. Keep your family calendar free from obligations. Get your much-needed break from all your regular scheduled sports, classes, and other obligations. Replace them instead with group activities that are enjoyable and fun.

Be sure to set certain expectations within your circle of friends. For instance, you can tell them that for a certain duration, you are unreachable or you can also tell them that you will only be replying to emergency cases only.

• Turn off electronics
Make sure that your hone and computer settings are set to ‘out of office’. This enables other people to not go on a panic if you are not able to respond to their communication with you in real time. Turn of your idiot box. Have your favorite TV shows and programs recorded so that you can still catch up with them after your staycation. If possible, it would even be better that within a week or two you will not have any TV privileges.

Avoid playing video games. For a change, get into the real action of your activities and forget the virtual world at all cost. Never use your smartphone or avoid using it at all cost! If you are having a staycation with your family, put a limit on your calls be it for personal or work purposes. If any family member bends the rules, create your own fine system. You can turn this extra cash into savings for your next holiday plans.

Steer clear from the internet or doing any surfing on the net at all. If, in case, you need to do a quick search, you can go online quickly, and once you have obtained what you are looking for, you then shut down your computer. The internet and emailing can both take up a lot of your time. Never become part of this never-ending cycle.


• Always do something fun
Can you suggest any activities to tourists visiting your city? If you cannot, check your local guidebook and look at what top attractions you see in your city and explore them yourself. Try doing something you have never done before. Or do something that you have planned a long time but cannot find the time to do.

Post Author: Arthur Hale