Special for Traveler, It’s Some Places In South Korea That Do Not Need To Cost To Enter It

You paste like travel activities that you can do as a way to l e the job fatigue and all the tasks you’ve had so far. Travel can be fun if you do it as part of seeking knowledge and culture from different countries and places you go.

One of the most visited places to travel is South Korea. In this country, you will get many places that you can just stop to see the scenery of the Country. in fact, some places there are not charged for admission. So you can save money, right? Some places in question are

– Han Gang River
This river has a long 514 km and empties into the Yellow Sea. This river also runs along Seoul City. Along with this bush, there are many beautiful bridges and parks in every area through which this river passes. The park would never charge a fee if someone would enter it. Many tourists choose to relax in this river because there is one famous bridge that cross the Han River, the Banpo Bridge, this bridge connecting the north and south of Seoul.

– Namsan Park
This park is the largest city park in Seoul. This park is designed with various types of flowers and trees that make this garden becomes very cool. It will be very appropriate for you who want to relax while taking photos. The park is also usually a transit point for people who want to climb Nam mountain.

– Namsan Seoul Tower
In becoming a romantic destination that you can visit in South Korea. What makes this place so popular is the motion about the lock of love. Many consider that if there are couples who write their names on the padlocks that are there, then their love will be immortal.

– Namsangol Hanok Village
It is located in Nam Mountain. Here you can see the traditional Korean house of the Joseon Dynasty complete with its various properties.

Post Author: Arthur Hale