Summer Camping Tips to Live By

Now that summer is here, are you having second thoughts if you should go camping in caravan parks or into the woods? If you do, from here on, you should know that it is perfectly fine to go camping during the summer season. Also, this short article will give you some summer camping tips to live by as you explore the wild even under the heat of the sun. Nature should be enjoyed no matter the season and camping during the summer season is no exception.

Here are some summer camping tips to live by as you explore nature and the wild.

1. Find a suitable summer tent that you can use: Come the summer season, it is perfectly fine that you settle with a one-, two, or three-season tent. This kind of tent might not be able to protect you when heavy rainfall occurs; however, this seldom happens during the summer season. Summer tents are cheaper and more lightweight. You might want to consider getting tent fans so that you will feel more refreshed during the entire camping trip.

2. Always bring enough water with you: Staying hydrated is essential, more so, if the summer season is here. In order for you to remain hydrated, make sure that you always bring large volumes of water with you. Dehydration happens when you use up or lose more fluids in your body than usual. This often leads to heat stroke, kidney and urinary problems, and shock where in severe cases, could lead to death.

Dehydration is more apparent during the summer season. That is why you have to take lots of water when you go camping. Aside from bringing water for drinking purposes, you also have to bring enough of it for bathing and cooking purposes.

3. Monitor your camp fire: The temperature is higher than usual during the summer season. That being said, your camp fire can easily go wild. This is one of the reasons why during this season, camp fires are restricted in forest reserves and parks. Thus, always take a lot of precautions when you light up camp fires so long as your camp site allows it.

4. Bring insect repellants with you: Mosquitoes and flies are your number one enemy while you are outdoors even during the summer season. This is why you have to bring and use some insect repellants with you to protect yourself from them. You may also bring some net with you to avoid having these bugs all around you.

5. Always have your first aid kits ready: Irrespective of season, bringing your own first aid kit is always essential. Make sure that it contains a clean towel, an antibiotic spray, a bug spray, scissors, bandages, flexible gauze, ointment for bee bites, and Benadryl.

6. Use sunscreen and sunglasses: The sun is more lethal during the summer season. Always use sunscreen against your skin to keep it protected from various skin conditions such as melanoma, sunburn, and skin cancer. Regular use of sunscreen also protects your skin from unwanted moles and wrinkles. Also, do not forget to bring some sunglasses with you to protect your eyes as well as a fitting summer hat.

Post Author: Arthur Hale