The Solo Female’s Essential Guide to Traveling

Of course, you want to prove how independent and strong you are as a woman that is why you are traveling solo in the first place! However, your safety should still be something that you consider of utmost importance during your entire trip whether you are traveling alone or with someone.

You might have already heard the following lines countless times…
• The world is not always a nice place.
• This country is never safe for you.
• Tourists are always the target for locals.

But mind you, all these lines should not take control of your life and how and where you want to travel. Anywhere you go, there is no denying that there are some people who live and breathe bad intentions. However, also know that the number is not as high as you think it is.

According to most travel bloggers who have gone to different places and countries, the countries that are deemed hostile are oftentimes the ones who have the friendliest people. You really just have to understand one thing, and that is, there will be certain situations that are out of your hands. Thus, better you ignore them than always think about them.

Thus, what follows are some travel tips to keep females who are thinking of traveling to foreign territories alone safe.

1. Always be polite. As a traveler, being polite and showing a smiling face can do you a lot of good when you step into unknown territories. Whenever your face difficult situations in foreign countries, for sure, you can get out of them unscathed.

2. Learn how to say no. Even while traveling, if you smell something fishy, just say no. Most of the time, your gut feeling is so strong that is senses something coming from a mile away. For instance, if someone is trying to make friends with you but you are not comfortable with them, just say no but make sure to do and say it in a polite way.

3. Avoid traveling during the night. This becomes a must most especially for people who are traveling alone in another country. If you are going to go from one location to another, make sure to cover such distance during the daytime.

4. Keep yourself informed of scams. Before you decide to visit any country, it is a must that you do some research about the many scams that most travelers in such countries face. It pays to invest your efforts and time doing your homework. Not only will you be informed about these scams but also you will be given some tips on the things that you can and cannot do during such situations.

5. Dress appropriately. There are certain countries where modest dressing is preferred when visiting religious places such as temples, churches, and mosques. Furthermore, if you have some tattoos, it is best that you cover them since there are some foreign locals who do not like them. Just do some research about the particular country that you are going and lessen the instances of showing your skin.

6. Cab safety tips: If possible, keep your belongings with you in the back seat next to you so that in case you need to jump out of the cab, you will not have any second thoughts about it. Also, do not forget to keep the cab number with you so that if something unfortunate happens to you during your travels, you can share it with police officials or those near you.

Post Author: Arthur Hale