Top Five Countries That Pose Greater Risks When Travelling With Kids

There are various reasons why people travel. To name a few, some do it for fun, some for learning, and some for business purposes. Some people choose to travel to learn new environments and cultures while there are also some who prefer to travel voluntarily to disaster locations. There are some people who travel for relaxation purposes while some who travel for the purpose of exposing themselves to certain situations that they do not often encounter back at their country. Either way, traveling with your kids is another experience that is unlike any other you have experienced all on your own.

Despite the fact that traveling at just about any place around the world brings along some level of risk on the part of the traveler, there are certainly some countries that pose greater risks when you bring along your kids with you. These countries are deemed dangerous to them for a lot of reasons. Some of them include weather conditions, natural terrain, violent gangs, political strife, and so on. Though you will be securing some travel insurance for your kids, it still helps if you know which countries are not at all safe for them. If you are traveling with your kids in the near future for whatever purposes you have in mind, do not forget to check these top five countries that pose greater risks when travelling with kids.

1. Brazil
There is no denying how beautiful of a country Brazil is. It comes with the best tourist spots and breathtaking views that the world has ever known. But then, this country currently has very high crime rates with its murder rates being four times higher than those in the United States.

2. Russia
Russia is the place to be if you want to experience the Eastern culture and appreciate great architecture. However, in the past couple of years, violent hate crimes have come to a dramatic rise. Exploring the southern states with your kids is very much risky because of its current high terrorist activity and political unrest.

3. Zimbabwe
This country is one of Africa’s most famous vacation destinations because of its large game parks as well as its amazing Victoria Falls. However, like the first two countries just mentioned, this particular country is highly likely to have political upheavals and is highly volatile. The worst part, it currently suffers from declining economic conditions. That being said, its locals are becoming more and more desperate. If you like to bring your children with you when you visit this country, make sure that your travel insurance covers them.

4. Haiti
Haiti is home to the most striking natural Caribbean settings there are. But then, this country has high rates of violent crimes and kidnappings. Most victims of these crimes have been reported to being raped and beaten.


5. Kenya
This country is famous for its Nairobi National Park and various natural wonders. You cannot deny the fact that this country offers the best game views in all of East Africa and the world even. However, Kenya has again become a country filled with crimes. As a matter of fact, its top tourist destinations have become home to terrorists, pickpockets, carjackers, and armed assailants.

Post Author: Arthur Hale