Top Honeymoon Destinations for Couples

Marrying the woman or man of your dreams knowing that you get to spend the rest of your life with them is a dream come true. For some financially-conscious people, they even miss out on spending their honeymoon just so they can continue living their lives and build their dreams together. However, no wedding is complete without your choice of honeymoon destination. Though you can settle with any beach destination or private resort that you can book near your current location, there is nothing more dreamlike that spending your honeymoon in top romantic destinations across the world with the person you have chosen to spend your entire life with. If you really want to impress your partner now and in the coming years of your life together, you should start by choosing the right honeymoon destination now!

• Dubai
Being one of the flashiest and luxurious destinations across the world, Dubai is never short of honeymoon options whether you want to have a more laidback setting for your honeymoon or have the urban and trendy kind of setting that you and your partner might like. Though its glamorous and fast-paced setting lets you forget how fast the time has passed, there are some Dubai tour packages being offered that would let you enjoy the beauty of the desert and its gardens as well as its tranquil beaches and stop the time to spend some more with your loved one.

• Singapore
Though this country is not the first choice of destination for most honeymooners, more and more couples are recognizing the many natural and manmade tourist spots that this country has to offer. Singapore always has something to offer for any kind of tourist there is, more so for honeymooners. No Singapore trip would ever be complete without taking a stroll down Changi Point Coastal Walk. You can even cruise down the Clarke Quay with your loved one. You can choose to take their Singapore tours taking you to Marina Bay Sands, Little Guilin Park, Mount Faber, and so on.

• Prague
If you and your partner are both fans of the European life, make sure that you check out Prague that is one of the oldest cities in Europe. This city is also known as the land of a hundred spires. You and your partner can basically hop onboard a boat and go on a romantic cruse passing by their infamous Charles Bridge as well as other parts of the city. As you ride on their vintage cars and wander around Vysehrad Castle, love is always in the air. You can check out their air vine gardens and enjoy a drink or two with your loved one while being on romantic dinner dates and enjoying the most sumptuous Czech cuisines there are.

• Paris
Of course, this list would never be complete without this city. Basically, every honeymooner’s dream is to be in this city during their honeymoon. For both hopeless romantic and honeymooner alike, you get to appreciate its symbol and temple of love all in the form of the infamous Eiffel Tower as well as the Parc. Make sure that you and your partner will not forget checking out Parc des Buttes Chaumont, the city’s so-called garden of romance. Before commencing your honeymoon, do not forget to take a cruise down their river Seine.

Post Author: Arthur Hale