Top Places to Go on Hot Air Balloon Rides

People who have gone on hot air balloon rides can attest to the fact that the whole experience is magical and unlike any other. You soar up high in the sky and go past clouds that you can only imagine when you were a child. Invented in 1783, hot air balloons have made the experience of seeing the world from up above possible. They have surely opened the doors for adventures unlike any other whether it be seeing the natural sunset among the clouds or looking from above the serene landscapes the world has to offer.

Hot air balloon rides are basically one of the best ways for you to spend your free time with the wind touching your hair and your eyes looking at what beauty nature has to offer. They can also be romantic if you intend to experience them with your loved one. Some people have even taken advantage of these rides to propose to their loved one. Furthermore, hot air balloons also capture the excitement and innocence of a child with their ultimate precision.

If you are thinking of going on hot air balloon rides with your loved one or by yourself, below are some of the most popular destinations to take on these rides.

• Napa Valley, California
Though you can simply enjoy on the ground with some glass close by the places to be in Napa, you can also enjoy the valley further by viewing it from above the ground. If you will be setting out from Yountville, you will be seeing some landscapes of the Mayacamas Mountains as well as those of Mount St. Helena. If you take a closer view, you can also check out the clearing vineyards. To make the entire hot air balloon ride more memorable, some organizations will let you take some early lunch and do some wine sampling while on them.

• Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
Hot air balloon rides are also well spent in this national reserve in Kenya that let you enjoy the natural scenery of the safari leaflet in East Africa. Just like Serengeti, all year round, you can spot natural life and enjoy them from up above. Nonetheless, if you want to enjoy the vistas much better, go on these rides between the months of July and October where wildebeest migration happens from the Mara River into the Maasai Mara.

• Loire Valley, France
This particular location in France not just boasts of its stately homes but also its winding stream, clearing greenery, and pleasant towns. This site is considered as one of the few UNESO World Heritage sites that will take you two hours of driving south of Paris. You can better appreciate the full bloom of this valley come the summer and spring months making them ideal for nightfall and dawn rides.


• Jaipur, India
The royal residencies and strongholds of the Pink City are popular even by just seeing them on the ground but more so if you will be above ground. Usually, hot air balloon rides in this are begins in the Palace of the Winds or the Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, and then the City Palace. You then proceed to go to provincial towns as well as some hidden stone sanctuaries. If you want Jaipur spring up, you better book a trip at dawn.

Post Author: Arthur Hale