Top Romantic Destinations Across the World for Couples

Exploring unfamiliar territories is both exciting and fun but more so if you will be doing it with someone you love. If you are planning a honeymoon trip, a couple’s retreat, or just want to spend some time with your loved one, here are some top romantic destinations that you can try exploring across the world.

1. Venice.

This city has an overall unique vibe to it with is heritage buildings, elaborate waterways, and cultural vibrancy that you and your partner will want to explore. It is one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners all across the globe, and if you ask them, they will immediately tell you to try the city’s ever popular gondola rides. You can easily walk its streets and enjoy the cafes that they have to offer. You can even get a taste of their local cuisines and be awe inspired by their rich architecture and art. Just adoring the sunset from your hotel room facing the Grand Canal or hanging out in the iconic Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari will make your honeymoon trip more memorable than ever in this city.

2. Paris.

This list would never be complete without mentioning this popular romantic city getaway. If you are just like most hopeless romantics, make sure that you consider exploring the popular symbol of love called the Eiffel Tower as well as the actual temple of love called the Parc. After you and your partner are done exploring the symbol and temple of love in Paris, go for a more romantic encore at their so-called garden of romance called the Parc des Buttes Chaumont. You can conclude your day by relaxing and taking a cruise down the river Seine. This is another favorite spot among honeymooners.

3. Seychelles.

Spending your precious moments with your loved one on an island that is secluded and far away from the main land is what most honeymooners consider as their ultimate dream honeymoon. Seychelles is made up of more than 115 islands that are well known for their pristine surroundings and untouched beauty. This group of islands has a perfectly balanced tropical climate with some sparkling white sand and turquoise waters making them the finest beaches across the world. Make your tropical honeymoon more perfect by choosing an island that is seldom travelled so that you can enjoy the calm and peace of the surroundings and the wonderful beach with your loved one.


4. Bora Bora. If you are planning to spend beyond your limits during your honeymoon by not just exploring stunning landscapes and beaches but also enjoying the culture and joyous nightlife of the place, then you should go to Bora Bora. It is the ultimate party spot for the famous and rich. Bora Bora is popular for its volcanic peaks and blue lagoons. It is located in the middle of the Pacific. That being said, it boasts of a pleasant weather throughout the year. You and your partner have the option to have a luxurious stay on its private islands, beach resorts, or aquatic bungalows.

Post Author: Arthur Hale