Understanding Air Ambulance Services and Air Ambulance Medicare Coverage Better

Air ambulances are a specialized kind of aircraft that can either be a helicopter or a jet. Either way, they exist to provide air medical services. Basically, this aircraft is meant to provide emergency medical aid for victims who are put in situations where terrain or distance is an issue and the fastest way to get across it is to use air transportation compared with other forms of emergency transportation services. Besides providing emergency medical services, these aircraft can also be utilized to begin a search for a person or people who are missing. If you generalize these air emergency services, you can refer to them as aeromedical transportation.

Generally, these aircraft come with a team of medical personnel where they are equipped with various aeromedical products that help in treating seriously ill patients or those who have been injured seriously. Some of the most commonly used equipment found inside these aircraft include stretches, CPR equipment, monitoring units, compressed air supplies, vacuum pumps, electrical inverters, and oxygen systems. Though air ambulances offer a number of benefits and are very much useful during emergency medical situations, there are also some issues that often arise when utilizing this kind of patient transport.

If you think about all of the supplies and personnel that will be used for every air ambulance flight, you will come to realize that these services are quite expensive. That being said, if you think that you as well as your loved ones can take advantage of this service, you have to find a more cost-effective way to be able to enjoy these services while not paying that much for them.

One of the more cost-efficient ways of covering your air ambulance expenses is by securing a health insurance program such as Medicare. This health insurance has helped countless citizens in terms of being provided some assistance in their health care costs. However, not all medical expenses are covered by this insurance plan. But then, since this article is talking about air ambulance services, the good news is that this insurance policy covers medical flights.

Though Medicare covers air ambulance flights, there is one crucial detail that is worth noting, that is, Medicare will only cover these air medical flights when the use of other transportation means would just put the health of the patient in more danger. As per Medicare, they consider this service to be covered by their medical insurance plan as it covers the payment of various services that are not being covered by other private insurance policies.


As mentioned, Medicare will only be covering emergency medical transportation service if either of the circumstances are present. If the location of the patient is not easily accessible using land transportation means, if the patient requires intensive care assistance and using other transportation means will just endanger his or her life more, and if the patient’s welfare is highly reliant on the transportation speed lines. Just by looking at each of these circumstances, you can see that air transport is the most practical in not being caught in congestions when land transportation means are instead being used.

Post Author: Arthur Hale