Your Ultimate Guide in Selecting the Best Lightweight Backpack

If you love traveling but hate packing, you are not alone. A number of people actually feel the same way too. Going on a camping or a hiking adventure is always a great idea for you but then thinking about using big and heavy backpacks can hamper your excitement. From spending a day trekking or hiking to planning a weekend into the woods, the key to making your experience more memorable and fun is to make sure that you have your best lightweight backpack with you.

The more fun you will have on your planned outdoor activities when your backpack is lighter.

You need to understand that packing light is no longer limited to those who will be traveling long distances. This concept has become applicable to any person who has plans of going on an adventure. Since lightweight backpacks allow people to enjoy their outdoor experience and be more comfortable in doing so, a lot of people are now thinking of getting their very own lightweight backpacks and how they can go about choosing one.

In selecting the best lightweight backpack in the market, there is a set of criteria that you have to keep in mind to find the perfect one for you. Here they are.

The weight of the backpack
When you choose a backpack that is already heavy on its own, just think about how heavy it will then become once you have packed all of your things inside of them. Thus, you have to go with backpacks that are made of both durable and lightweight materials. This assures that you will be carrying something not too heavy while at the same time, you will also not have to worry about ripping it off the first time you use it. The use of nylon or fiber among lightweight backpacks is what makes them both durable and functional.

The size of the backpack
The size of your bag dictates the number of items and the amount of gear that you can pack inside. Do not limit yourself by only getting the smaller backpacks thinking that they are more convenient for you. This will just lead you to put off packing some essential items for your trip just because your backpack does not have any space for them anymore.

Despite some backpacks being waterproof, water can still leak in when the zippers and seams are made of low quality materials. That is why you have to make sure to choose a lightweight backpack that also has some waterproof zippers and lining to it.

Pockets and compartments
Ensure to choose a backpack where its main compartment can fit in all of your gear. For the extra compartments, they must be big enough for certain items to fit inside in case of emergencies and must be easy to access. Also have a bottle holster so that you will not have troubles accessing your water bottle. Keeping yourself hydrated is a must while doing some outdoor activities.

Straps, belts, and fit
What makes backpacks comfortable will be their characteristic good fit. So, make sure that your backpacks are not too big or too small for you and make you feel comfortable while wearing them. The straps and belts that are attached to it such as sternum straps, shoulder straps, and hip belt must have ag good fit and not all too tight. Not only will they help secure your backpack but also they can help in transferring some weight off of your back.

Post Author: Arthur Hale